Senior Citizen Retirement Protection Services


serving Georgia Seniors since 1988
(800) 531-7939

Robert E. Soderstrom - President, International Corporate Benefits, Inc.

  - Past President Georgia Association of Health Underwriters
  - Former Consumer Advocate and Registered State Lobbyist
  - Consultant to Senior Citizens, Specialist in Asset Preservation and Medicaid Planning



of our more than 1,000 licensed insurance
agents who utilize our services and vast
network for the benefit of their clients, there
are but 16 Eldercare Specialists. These
individuals have devoted their efforts to
protecting Georgia’s senior citizens

These Eldercare Specialists have been
holding workshops throughout Georgia, for
senior citizens. At these workshops, topics to
protect retirement are covered. These
workshops are generally followed up with a
visit to the home of anyone who would like to
utilize our services.

There is never a cost for a visit from one of our Eldercare Specialists.



We can show Georgia’s senior citizens how to:
  - protect assets from Catastrophic Illness
    and Nursing Home costs
  - prevent costly Medicaid spend down
  - increase spendable income
  - possibly reduce taxes
  - avoid Probate
  - utilize an IRA for generations

A Senior Citizen may choose to put us to work for them and benefit from our ongoing follow up and timely updates. We keep our seniors up to date on all issues that concern our seniors and protecting their retirement.

If you are concerned about your retirement and want to contact a specialist, e-mail us at:
or call us toll free at:
(800) 531-7939